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Basketball WA Fuelling Champions Healthy Award (presented by Healthway)

Nomination Criteria

The nominees for the award have shown commitment to creating healthy environments in their community through actions and results that align with at least one of the Healthway Priority areas below.

Selection Process 

Nominations are submitted through the  Locker Room Link (please click here) by each Affiliated Association.

The Awards Panel chooses the Award recipient from the nominations received.






1. Increased

Healthy Eating

(eg, reduce children's exposure to the marketing of unhealthy food)

4. Creating a

Smoke-free WA

(eg, reduce tobacco exposure among children and young people)

2. Improved

Mental Health


(eg Improve public understanding of the catalysts of good mental health)


5. Does the Association display the BWA values?

Fun & Enjoyable, Agile & Innovative, Accessible & Inclusive, Well Governed & Accountable, Become the Best you can be

3. Preventing Harm from Alcohol

(eg, reduce underage exposure to drinking and alcohol promotion)


Winning Association

Associations who have made position change


10 JULY 2023

Nomination Criteria - Healthy Priority Areas

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