The day before a game, it is important to ensure your meals contain an adequate amount of carbohydrate and you consume enough fluids.


To achieve this, the focus for meals and snacks should be ‘fuel foods’ and fluids, and you should reduce your intake of high fat foods during this period.

High Performance Meals

  • Lasagne – include lots of pasta sheets with lean beef, pork or chicken, tomatoes, spinach, reduced fat cheese and a crunchy side salad or vegetables.

  • Meatballs – lean beef with grated carrot and zucchini, tasty sauce, served with a rice or pasta.

  • Curry – lean chicken or vegetarian with chickpeas, extra veggies and steamed rice.

  • Homemade Steak Burgers – grill, small quick steaks and top with sauce, beetroot, and lots of salad on a multigrain roll.

  • Pizza - uses a pre prepared thick base topped with cherry tomatoes, basil, lean ham and mozzarella.

  • Stir Fry - toss lean chicken or pork with plenty of vegetables in a sweet chilli and soy sauce, and serve with thick noodles or rice

High Performance Snacks

  • Bread, crumpets or English muffins with jam, honey or vegemite

  • Fresh fruit

  • Sandwich with cheese, peanut butter

  • Vegetable pieces or crackers with low fat dip

  • Yoghurt

  • Fruit and grain bars

  • Pita chips and Crackers 

  • Corn thins or rice cakes

  • Scones, pikelets, pancakes

  • Milk smoothie with fruit

  • Fresh Sushi rolls

  • Trail mix with nuts, seeds, dried fruit

  • Canned spaghetti or baked beans


The aim of breakfast on game day is to consume carbohydrates and fluids to top up stores after a good night’s rest.

For games, you should eat a meal around two hours before the match commences to keep yourself well fuelled.

However, if you become hungry again up to one hour before starting exercise, have a small low-fat snack to top up.

Pre Game Meals

  • Porridge (oats or quinoa) with apple and cinnamon

  • Toast with avocado, tomato and cheese (or a little fetta), with a glass of milk

  • Scrambled egg with cheese and tomato, toast and a piece of fruit

  • Chicken and salad sandwich with multigrain bread

  • Pork and vegetable stir fry with thin rice noodles

Energy Booster Snacks

  • A snack pack of canned fruit with fruit yoghurt

  • Watermelon slices

  • A small box of sultanas

  • Bread roll with banana

  • Rice crackers with vegetable dip,

  • Wholegrain fruit bar with a flavoured milk

  • Pikelets with jam or honey plus a snack pack canned fruit

Remember to stay hydrated and drink

plenty of water throughout the day


Recovery after each game or training session is essential to maintain your fuel stores, and therefore perform at your best in future sessions.

Recovery snacks and fluids should be:

  • Started within 30-60 minutes of finishing exercise

  • High in carbohydrates with a little protein

  • Quick and easy to prepare and eat

  • Available at the venue if travel time home is long

Combinations of foods that provide valuable amounts of carbohydrate and protein include:

  • Yoghurt with fruit

  • Smoothies

  • Cheese sandwich or cheese on toast

  • Baked beans on toast with a glass of milk

  • Cereal with milk

  • Fruit & grain bars with a milk drink