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Fuelling Champions Healthy Club of the Year Award 

The Objective of the Heathy Club of the Year Award is to: 
  • To create healthy environments within Associations. 

  • To increase healthy behaviours by Association members and the local community. 

  • The Association must have a Healthy Club Policy. This can be done in conjunction with Basketball WA or through existing programs such as Top Club, Healthy Club or Good Sports. 

  • Healthy Club Policy must be actively adopted throughout the Association and actively be promoted to members. 


How to Participate:

Associations are encouraged to identify priority health issues that are impacting them and their members. Associations should then work to develop and implement new initiatives and programs to increase healthy behaviours to address the identified health issue. Associations are encouraged to work with Basketball WA to adopt either existing or innovative initiatives.


Focus areas include alcohol, tobacco, food and catering, mental health, sun protection, injury prevention and drugs. Examples of things to help increase healthy behaviours: 

  • Develop health policies in the focus areas. Basketball WA can assist in developing policies (a number are available on our website). 

  • Educate your members on a health issue (e.g. injury prevention, sports nutrition). 

  • Increase healthy options or provide alternatives to unhealthy options (e.g. offer healthy alternatives in-games, review food at canteen facilities, offer healthy alternatives at functions). 

  • Recognise members who make healthy choices (i.e. reward junior players who bring healthy food to matches). 

  • All WABL team managers replacing unhealthy snacks during games with healthy options to encourage junior players to have healthy snacks during games. 

  • Recognising either Senior Domestic or NBL1 player’s achievements with non-alcoholic prizes to encourage healthy drinking habits in the post-game or awards night environments. 

  • Recognising junior players for choosing heathy options or having positive healthy behaviours (i.e. always stretching before a game, cooling down properly and eating healthy pre-game and post-game). 


The criteria for judging is: 

  • How many programs/initiatives were implemented by the Associations. 

  • How effective the program/initiative was in changing behaviour within the Association. 

  • How well the program/initiative was promoted to the Associations members and broader community.

  • What was put in place to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program to ensure the healthy behaviours continue and change is far reaching throughout the Association. 


Entries will be available with the Basketball WA Awards pack that is made available prior to the BWA Awards Night. Entry submissions need to be completed on the entry form and returned with the same conditions of all Basketball WA Ball Awards nominations. The winners will be announced during the Basketball WA Ball.

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